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September 29, 2012
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Wolf in the Lion's Den by Wicked-Illusion Wolf in the Lion's Den by Wicked-Illusion
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire series of books by G.R.R. Martin and Game of Thrones, a TV show based on the books.

ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) - 2.5 x 3.5“ / 63 x 89 mm.

Sansa...not one of my top favorite characters, but I've started to like her more and more with time. I couldn't stand her for about first 2 books. This otherwise strong and intelligent, accomplished, perfect little lady was getting on my nerves with her behavior and stupid naivety until she finally opened her eyes and started seeing the world the way it really is and took part in the game. Also, I would have liked her more if she treated certain members of her family and especially Tyrion differently. The man was nothing but kind, full of good advice and protective of her, while she not only looked at him with unhidden disgust, was unfair and mean to, but also once told him indirectly she wanted to see him dead! That's how she thanks him. Because of many smaller or bigger stuff I didn't like, despite feeling really sorry for her, she just doesn't have what it needs to be called one of my top favorite characters. And last, I've noticed some (or should I say a lot?) Sansa hate, people saying and wishing horrible stuff to happen to her character, that horrible it upset and hurt the actress when she found out about it. And comparisons with Arya, seriously? They two are so different, their paths and struggles are so different, etc., they shouldn't be compared in any way in the first place!

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Tools used:

:liquisoft: 3.5 x 2.5“/ 63 x 89 mm Bristol vellum paper
:liquisoft: 0.5 4B, 2B, HB and 0.3 2B mechanical pencil
:liquisoft: kneaded, stick eraser
:liquisoft: 7B, 2B pencil
:liquisoft: white gel pen
:liquisoft: ref


Sansa Stark © George R. R. Martin
Image ref © Home Box Office, inc.
Artwork © Wicked-Illusion
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KW-Scott Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Another excellent piece to add to your collection :D
N0rks Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, you managed to catch her expression really well. Especially impressive since this is on such a small card. I love all the tiny details in here as well. Very well done! :hug:
detasar Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
photonline Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
wow! beautiful drawing!
N0rks Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ugh, I'm reading A Song of Ice and Fire right now (I'm at the second book at the moment) and Sansa (so far) isn't one of my favourites either. Though I have to agree with you that she does show potential to be 'more fun,' but it's just not coming out.
(I haven't even started the tv show yet, I can't keep up with all the shows I watch as it is. :lol:)

Anyway, I really like your drawing! You managed to catch her expression really well, despite this being drawn in such a small size. Well done! :heart:
Wicked-Illusion Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally get you. You'll start liking her more once she leaves Kingslanding. Tell me about it, I'm currently regulary watching 6 shows which pilled up over the years plus GoT, The Borgias and TB which start sometime in spring, summer. Oops, add Doctor Who to the list too (marathon'ed it whole in extremely unhealthy short amount of time :D ) Thank you very much! And glad you're reading ASoIaF too!
N0rks Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh good, I think she's about to leave now in the book. :lol: I find it a bit hard to get into them though, just because I've heard/seen so much about it so my expectations were sky-high. No way the books could live up to that, so I'm slowly adjusting as I go. ;)

I'm really trying to keep the shows I watch to a minimum because I find it really hard to keep up when you have to *cough*download*cough* them every week and everything. I may be a little lazy, but still. I sometimes miss the beginning of a show and then get spoiled epically on Tumblr and I don't really like that. :lol: Oh well, if that's my only problem. ;)
Wicked-Illusion Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Also, the great shock people who watch the show have to survive once they start reading the books and see the real characters' age and misc. horrible stuff and differences. It's hard to swallow I guess. The books ain't for the overly sensitive ones. :D

That's been my practice for years. Have no choice. I couldn't watch any of my top fav shows otherwise, even though some of them have appeared on TV at some point - can't watch those either (would take too much to explain, who cares anyway)

Tell me about it. Tumblr MADE me, FOCED me to watch Doctor Who. Why? Stop reading here if not interested. I've known about the show for years of course, mostly though the artworks. I gave it a try for several times, didn't like it. Any show I've ever started watching in the beginning I thought it was at least OK or I instantly liked it and from there I came to love it very much with time. Will mention 2 of the tries. Less than half of Satan's Pit I know now - I barely made myself watch it to the end. Simply wasn't feeling "it". The last try was this summer when I made both me and my mum watch Idiot's Lantern which we accidentally caught on TV. Somehow we managed to make it to the end. No more for me, said mum and we both thought similar of the show. In general, before really starting to watch, I though of it as a bit too..."silly", at times even "ridiculous" for my taste, not enough serious. I hope you get what kind of "silly" and "not enough serious" I mean. I have a perfect word to describe it on Croatian but...Anyway, I also just couldn't take some of the villains seriously. A Dalek for example, no need to say more :lol: And, in my country, I know exactly zero people who watch the show and also zero who think anything positive about it. When my sister walks into my room now and throws certain negative remarks when she sees what I'm watching I totally understand it, but I defend the show now. It's not that likely you will truly love it if you catch some random ep. It's a show that demands you watch from the beginning and watch it all to appreciate and love it, to see what's so good about it. Maybe I'm wrong.

So, after years of collecting extensive unwanted, all about DW, knowledge, which didn't really bother me, BUT then Tumblr and huge DW doses you just can't avoid getting shoved down your throat daily, no blacklist in the world can help you and you can't avoid it even when not following any DW blogs or people who are very into it. And day by day like that. You practically know about it more then about you fav shows and the ones you actually watch and it bothers you more and more, you're sick of it and then you decide to "solve" the problem by just giving up deciding to watch the freaking show, to force yourself to watch it. Rule: if you watch enough number of episodes of any show, you're gonna be interested what's gonna happen next and keep watching, no matter how shitty the show might be. There are exceptions of course.

I *cough*downloaded*cough* the first season and made myself watch it! I could stop watching any moment in the first half season. Later on I sort of got a bit more interested. The rest is a history. Watched all the seasons + all the specials in only couple of weeks, watched for hours every day. :faint: I wonder how I stayed sane after that :lol: And now I can't wait till Christmas. More!

Conclusion: the list of reasons why I love DW is huge and similar or the same as any big DW fan's, while for all the other things, the "silliness", etc. that weren't exactly my thing, I didn't like that much, etc. are the things I got over, got used to, stopped paying much attention to (it is the way it is, it's supposed to be like that)

Holy shit, someone's in the writing mood always today.
N0rks Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't say anything about the tv show (yet), but the books sure aren't for sensitive people. Yesterday I sat on the couch just sort-of staring when my mom asked what was wrong, and I said "Three main characters just died. THEY DIED. JUST LIKE THAT." :lol: (I'm just over half-way through A Storm of Swords.)

Oh, I absolutely get what you mean about Doctor Who! I started the first episode 3 times before I finally got over myself, watched it and watched the rest of the first season after that. Especially the first (few) seasons have crappy monsters that are more hilarious than scary. But the storylines are good, the characters are good (Ninth Doctor is still awesome, even though he put up with silly villains and monsters), so in time you will come to love the show because of those things and you take the monsters for granted.

Doctor Who is something you really become addicted to. Even though you don't like a certain episode, once you're in you have to keep watching because some tiny little awesome moment might happen and that is just enough to keep you satisfied. :lol: And MOAR, always more: I can't wait for the Christmas special.
Though I have to say, lately a lot of storylines feel rushed to me... I have no problem with Moffat speeding things up a bit, but I do feel like I don't have the time to get emotionally attached to something before it is taken away again. Like I'm not given enough time to process something that's happening. It wouldn't be too bad if it happened every once in a while, but I just feel like it's a trick that he's pulling more and more often. I don't really like that, but hey, I still want more so that's good. :lol:

And yeah, Tumblr can flood you like that. I want to watch Once Upon A Time because of Tumblr, and it's making me more and more itchy about watching Game of Thrones. :lol:

Have a lenghty story back!
Wicked-Illusion Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am horrible writing maniac when I find someone to talk about common interest so have a whole "novel" back again. :evillaugh: Please tell me the moment I start annoying you with writing so much most of the time.

Told ya. Plenty awaits you and you never know who's next. They drop like flies. After reading it all, now I'm in a worry for one of my fav characters to find out if they somehow survived something that pretty much seems impossible to survive, but it all depends on...I keep hoping! I'm so glad Tyrion is Martin's fav character so he's maaaybe relatively safe. Geez, there's been at least 3 almost deaths. Stop it scaring me, Martin! :lol:

Thanks for sharing your watching experience and opinion! Crappy monsters, yes! The ridiculousness of it all. And I hope no Whovian kills me, but there's this thing that sorta bothers me about the Tardis' control room. It's just...uhm...unconvincing? (yeah, getting selective here over the unconvincing stuff/monsters/etc. in the show. Select what to buy, what not! :rofl:) Anyway, it looks like as best as they could make a few decades ago, like the best they could do in the 60s for example(is it because they're trying to stay truthful the the original look maybe?), but come on, with all the incredible stuff they can make and all this special effects, etc. nowadays, work some magic on that Tardis' inside :lol: OK, I apologize, the Tardis did get a make over in season ? so it looks a bit better now. Lol, when I start about a random thing. Now when mentioning 9, I feel sorry for Christopher, he was a great Doctor too, but he was with us for so little time and so long ago (for most fans) that he hardly pops up in any "form", hardly anyone says he's their fav Doctor.

Who is your fav Doctor? I've loved David/10 through the artworks first and I've loved Matt/11 through gifs, artworks and misc. tumblr posts first before even starting to watch. Knew nothing and didn't like Christopher from the photos/art I've seen, but I liked him quite much in the show, he was really great too. They're all great! :D Will turn a fangirl mode on for a second. I think David is my fav Doctor, but I love Matt almost as equally. (the Doctors are getting younger and younger as well as more and more adorable with time) They are both so different and incomparably amazing. I say David because Matt has two little "flaws". His Doctor hasn't managed to make me really cry yet. Sad, of course, yes. Ponds yes, but not him. And, this might...will sound silly, but the expression, the way he said "Does it really need saying?" and that short "No" in couple of different situations. What kind of emotional reaction those and maybe some other lines caused... You can stab me in my little heart and make me forget breathing anytime. :lol: Fangirl mode off.

OMG, all that you said, I think exactly the same! Yeah, I sometimes have a hard time placing things in the right timeline, I figure it all out and then lose a thread, then catch it up again, but then I think there's no point in analyzing the how's and just enjoy the show because I'm pretty sure that no matter how hard the writers try doing it all right, there are inconsistencies, paradoxes, how was is possible... if...etc. that happens when you play with time. River. Love her so much, but all this jumping around in time with her character and each time completely different, well, everything, there are some things that don't...I don't know. Maybe that's also the rushing up you're talking about.

I see the "Dalek girl"'s been already accepted as "long time" companion and we haven't even seen her in action as a companion once. I wonder how will they make that since she's, well, a Dalek now. If the Doctor jumps back in time, in her past where she becomes his companion and they later separate, wouldn't they recognize each other now? Or if...Argh, this time and timelines thing, gives headaches. We'll see their explanation on how in a few weeks. :D
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